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Life through changes
gör det verkligen något roll
just slipped somehow into an idea 
22-сент-2010 11:28 pm
J. D. Salinger passed away January 27, 2010 in the age of 91. His death was expected much to bring his name into the spotlight again, mostly by quite obviously meant promise of discovering his legendary unpublished heritage.

But no news on http://salinger.org/.
Except of the line that reads
'We might see the uncollected stories appear as well, but the unknown writing will likely remain under wraps for decades; one rumor suggests a 40-year wait.'

Hey Franny, It's Zooey from A Scissors on Vimeo.

25-сент-2010 12:18 pm
а как долго хранится хорошее вино?
26-сент-2010 03:57 pm

"После 1965 года прекратил печататься, сочиняя только для себя."

Сорокапятилетняя выдержка у самых ранних этого периода. )
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